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The Safe Tourism Plan's

The Safe Tourism Plan's main objective is permanently increase public safety in tourist areas and provide a safer environment for tourists during their stay in our country. Also it aims to support and actively contribute to the actions in the sector undertaken by the Government of Spain and regional and local Administrations, also aims to promote the tourism industry and cooperate in achieving greater competitiveness and cooperate between all public and private institutions involved in the production tourism sector.

  • General Objectives of the plan:
  • Provide a safe environment for tourists during their stay and travel in Spain.
  • Support and contribute actively to the activities deployed in the sector by the government and by regional and local administrations.
  • Support the Spanish tourism industry and cooperate in achieving a higher degree of competitiveness of it.
  • Cooperate in social responsibility among all public and private institutions involved in the sector and contributing to preserving the environment.
  • To achieve the overall objectives are to develop the following:

  • Progress in preventing the commission of crimes in which the victim has the status of tourist.
  • Increase safety in those spaces and places of greatest risk to the safety of the tourists.

  • Provide tourists information on the safety measures to be taken to avoid becoming a victim.

  • Improve the planning and execution of police measures to combat crime in tourist areas.
  • Improving the quality of service delivery.

  • Improve tourist services abroad through the generalization of such figures as the Service for Foreign Tourist Assistance (SATE), facilitating the provision of interpreters, and communication with consulates, embassies and country of origin.

  • Respond more quickly and effectively to those harmed by criminal acts, perfecting the procedures for receiving complaints.
  • Promote collaboration and coordination with government and other public and private tourism sector.
  • Promote studies and the collection of information on security issues affecting the tourism sector.
  • Service for Foreign Tourist Assistance (SATE) Offices.

  • The Secretariat of State for Security, through the Government Delegations will drive, together with local administrations in those localities that receive large numbers of tourists, creating Service for Foreign Tourist Assistance (SATE) Offices, to offer a personalized assistance, after being the victim of any criminal offense by a team of police and informers interpreters in their own language. SATE general functions are:

  • Assist victims of crimes and offenses in their own language, advising on procedural and documentary efforts arising from injury occurred (canceling credit cards and documents, contact embassies and consulates, or locate family communication, etc.).

  • Help tourists in processing the crime or misdemeanor complaint, informing him of his rights and handing the summons to the Trial or immediate trial Fast Fault, where appropriate.
  • Report immediately to the Police Court cases in which, under the provisions of Article 797 of the Criminal Procedure Act, could reasonably fear that there shall be no evidence in trial.

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