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You can get in touch with the Police concerning security problems through the electronic mail address

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On 09/02/2006, it was approved the Order 1/2006 of the General Department for Public Security, regarding the implementation of the Citizen Participation Programme. This Order establishes the program objectives and develops concrete measures to implement the program, setting the fields of liability and the functions of both the Central Unit for Citizen Participation and Programmes and the Delegates of Citizen Participation.

In order to complement the content specified in the Circular 1º/2006, of February, 09, and to encourage citizen participation as an essential and guiding element for the law enforcement function, on July, 02, 2014, a Police Directorate General Resolution is passed, through which it is established the structure and performance of Citizen Participation in the National Police Force, at both central and peripheral levels.

In the same way, and with the aim to enable the communication with citizens, the electronic mail account is established, through which citizens will be able to submit their claims, concerns and all their questions in relation to security; they will be forwarded by the Central Unit of Citizen Participation to its local branch offices, or even to other police specialized units.

The general objectives of the Citizen Participation Programme are:

  1. Getting a more fluid and immediate relationship with groups of citizens and their representatives.
  2. Having a direct knowledge of those problems that affect people, as well as their proposals regarding the security field.
  3. Allowing the Police to give a more agile and effective response to implement the strategies, programmes and security plans, focusing on issues that most concern the citizenship

A designated police officer in each Police Station (the Delegate for Citizen Participation) assumes, under the direction of the Commissioner, the coordination and implementation of the various action lines set out in the Citizen Participation Programme.

To implement the programme, the development of the following measures has been taken:

  • A specific Citizen Participation Plan has been set in each city.
  • An inventory of the different groups of national and foreign citizens has been established.
  • Permanent channels of social mediation with the representative citizen groups have been established (regular meetings, individual contacts, etc...), in order to maintain an ongoing dialogue that fosters confidence in the Police. Establishing in 2014 the electronic mail account, managed by the Central Unit of Citizen Participation, with the aim to receive all the claims and concerns provided by citizens in relation to security.
  • A computer application has been designed to serve as a transmission tool of the social mediation activity. It allows transmitting in real time, the measures taken at each meeting, the contacts made and activities completed in the scope of the program.
  • Delegates should plan in their respective territorial demarcations, specific activities to strengthen their links with the community, activities that range from the field of communication (regular programs on television and radio, articles in magazines and other print media, etc.), to days of open doors , round tables, meetings, etc.

The programme requires two levels of responsibility so as to coordinate and implement its various measures:

  • Central Level

    The General Department for Public Security, through the Central Unit for Citizen Participation and Programmes, is responsible for the coordination and evaluation of the activity in each police region.

  • Territorial or Peripheral Level

    The Commissioners of the various Police Stations are responsible for the direction of the Programme, while the Delegate for Citizen Participation carries out the different activities, and manages and coordinates all the issues regarding the Programme.

Duties of citizen participation/Community outreach officers

  • To understand and document the reality of their area, fostering relationships with those social groups that may have an impact in the field of security.
  • To analyze social and political issues in order to detect problems that may become social demands on security in the future.
  • To document the information gathered and the demands received and send them to police services and other institutions.
  • To promote the involvement and responsibility of citizens in the solution of social problems.
  • To take part in the elaboration of operational plans and to know the actions executed by police units to respond to the issues presented by citizens.
  • To track the response given by police units to particular problems and to make an assessment of the degree of resolution achieved.
  • To inform citizens about the measures carried out and assess their satisfaction.
  • To mediate social conflict resolutions.
  • To design and propose activities to community groups and to implement the programs designed by the Central Unit in their jurisdiction.
  • To upload their meeting minutes to the central server.
  • To elaborate an annual activity report.

Self-protection measures

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