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Advices for Tourists

At Home

Make sure that all doors and windows giving access to your home are closed and locked up. Also, remember windows to courtyards as they remain very accessible to criminals giving them minimum risks

If you have lost your keys, change your locks; change also your lock if you are living in a house where a tenant was previously living. Whenever you leave - even though for a short time - always lock the door up

Do not conceal valuables (jewels, cameras, videos, watches,…) in odd places: those who go after them know very well where these places are. Make a list including serial numbers of some devices, trade and model, pictures enabling identification and make an identifying mark on them, and if it is possible, leave the list in a safe. These measures are the best to prevent their theft, and their recovery, avoiding going easily to the market thanks to these identifying marks

Your signature on documents is very valuable. To prevent forgeries, try not to leave them close to your cheque books.

Do not abandon your pets: they need to be properly looked after.

Bear in mind that massive mail in your letterbox may reveal your absence: ask one of your reliable neighbours to clear your mail on a regular basis

Do not tell about your holidays in front of strangers: you may offer too many hints if they have not good intentions.

Anything making believe that someone is at home is very helpful: do not pull blinds completely down, install a light timer device that turns lights on and off at different hours of the day and by areas of the house.

If you find anything suspicious (in the hallway or someone loitering around the street, noises in unoccupied houses …) phone 091 immediately

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