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Euro Banknotes

Banknotes and Coins retention form

Council Regulation (EC) NO 1338/2001

The key message of the European Central Bank and the national banks is: "check the authenticity of your banknotes". No technical means are required to make a checking and, once you are acquainted with the security features, you will only take few seconds to make four easy operations as described below: feel, look, tilt and check.

Euro Banknotes

Feel the "embossed" printing". The special printing process used provides banknotes with an unmistakable feel. The European Central Bank acronym, the value numerals of the banknote and window and gateway motifs are rough to the touch. However, we should bear in mind that age and wear can gradually reduce some of these features

Euro Banknotes

Look at the banknote against light and you will see its security thread and matching motif. Those elements are visible on both sides of a banknote.


Euro Banknotes

Tilt the banknote. On the front of low-value banknotes, the shifting image of the holographic stripe is depicted, and on the back, the glossy iridescent stripe. On banknotes of higher denomination, a hologram can be seen on the front and the shifting color ink on the back.

Check all security features above detailed to make sure of a banknote authenticity.

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