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Lotery prize scam

About a year ago, organized criminals acting from other European countries are dispatching, massively and daily, letters or E-mails messages to residents in Spain. In such communications, they inform the recipients that they have won a promotional and substantial prize of a foreign lottery, although the recipients of such letters have not participated in any draw.

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In the message the “lucky winners” are informed that in order to be paid such prize, they must complete an enclosed form with their personal and banking data that it is to be sent back by fax to the prize deposit entity entrusted with the refunding of such sum. The telephone and fax numbers of such entity that appear in the recipients documents belong to foreign telephones, almost always cellular phones answered by the criminals.

For convincing the victims of the authenticity of such messages, in the prize notices there appear inserted logos that are similar to those of some insurance or banking companies and even to the logos of some Ministry.

The fraud is perpetrated when the alleged lottery winner send the fraudsters the money they have asked him/her purportedly for paying some expenditure (rates, taxes, bank commissions, transfer fees, insurances, etc) that he/ she will have to advance for being paid the prize.

If you have received a similar message, please bear in mind the following points:

  • Thousands of persons, receive daily similar messages to the one you have received informing them about false lottery prizes

  • Neither the Spanish Lottery nor the other countries lottery made free draws among persons selected at random or by computer.

  • To take part in a lottery draw it is unavoidable to have previously bought a (lottery ticket). If you have not bought it, it is impossible to be a lottery prize winner.


  • Do not answer the received messages.

  • Do not send or deliver your identity papers.

  • Do not provide your bank accounts data or those of your credit cards. Be aware that your identity data can be used by the offenders for committing crimes in your behalf, for gaining access to your bank accounts, or for opening credits lines in your behalf.

  • Do not transfer/pay any sum.

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